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From apps that help you with customer support to BigQuery applications. Wavyr lets you build apps that drive for business forward.

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How companies are using Wavyr

From agencies, VCs and startups, Wavyr is used for many different use cases. From gathering insights into
CRM data to managing clinical health data in dashboards. The platform extends beyond dashboards and internal tools, we also build on legacy API systems to create modern endpoints.

A Business Intelligence Solution for Simplicate

Customer are using our custom Simplicate API endpoints to get insights into their CRM data. This solution offers users the ability to view company wide capacity, hourly rate and project assignments.

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Creating insights into your companies unstructured data

Connecting to data sources such as your website or upload PDFs and connect them to an AI to create insights into unstructured data.

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Insight into clinical trial data

Using Wavyr, a platform was build to get insight into patient demographics across different treatment centers. Using Wavyr and custom API endpoints, we were able to visualize drug performance differences across different treatment centers and demographic cohorts.

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How we do it

Changing the economics of software development

Wavyr for Enterprise offers an integrated approach and covers all competences needed to create real impact

Lighting bolt

10X your development speed

Build and deploy applications faster than ever due to Wavyr's cutting-edge building blocks.

Take control of tool sprawl

Sunset legacy and outdated systems and build custom applications that set your business apart.

Develop a data-first strategy

Identify how data and AI can make a difference for your organisation and design a strategy that delivers results.

Reduce development costs

Improve time to value and focus development time on your highest-impact differentiators.

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Work that we're proud of.

A short highlight of work that has made an impact.

Design + Engineering

Medical Data

Data Management & Frontend
Design + Engineering


Design, Frontend & AI pipeline
Design + Engineering

Real-time collaboration

Icons, Design & Frontend
Design + Engineering

Digital channel for newspaper

From brand values to product

RAG pipeline
using vector search

Implementing context-aware AI

Generative UI

GPT-4 vision + vector search

Data Warehouse for
CRM system

Simplicate REST API + BigQuery