Business Intelligence Dashboard for Simplicate

The business intelligence dashboard for Simplicate lets agencies, accounting and consulting companies get insight into their operations. The dashboard allows both management and employees to get detailed insight into hours, project assignments and customers.

The Wavyr API endpoint for Simplicate lets users access +100k rows without being rate limited. Enabling fast insights for both management and operations.

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Our Simplicate Extensions

Gain insights into your predicted revenue, unfilled hours, employee capacity and much more

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Revenue dashboarding

Quickly get insights into your companies revenue profile. Analyze your biggest customers, projects and most productive employees.

Insight into capacity

Create insight into what projects still have open hours, how many hours have been written and what the capacity is at your business.

Being alert of unbilled hours

Get insights into hours that have not been billed yet. Get immediate insight into which projects and customers have not been billed and where opportunities remain.

Connecting to Google Sheets

Want to get a complete export of your data to create your own analyses? Using our Google Sheets connection you can achieve this.

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Engineering a stable API connection

The application was built with the aim of extending the functionality of Simplicate, a professional CRM and project management software package. The development process involved identifying areas where Simplicate could not cater to specific organisational needs and creating custom extensions to address these gaps.

The Business Intelligence Dashboard was built using a modular approach, allowing for the development of a variety of extensions that can be used independently or in combination, depending on the specific needs of the organization. These extensions include integration with Google Sheets, revenue dashboarding, project result & revenue forecasting, and enhanced insight into the capacity module.

The Simplicate extensions can help to automate and streamline processes, reducing manual work and increasing efficiency. For example, the Google Sheets integration automates data exports, eliminating the need for manual copying and pasting, and the revenue dashboarding extension provides immediate insight into key KPIs.