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Build and deploy internal tools, integrate with any API, and manage permissions. Wavyr provides a user-friendly platform for creating internal tools, quickly.

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Develop what you need. Write code nearly anywhere. Version control. Deploy with environments. Wavyr is built for mission-critical development.

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Real-time collaboration

Synchronized in real-time across all users. No spinners or waiting.

30+ components

Wavyr comes with over 30+ pre-build components. Not enough? No problem. Build your own using React.

Connect with external data sources

PostgreSQL, Google Sheets, BigQuery. Your data lives in different environments. Let us take care of it.

Version control

Built-in CI/CD pipeline, with version control and export functionality.

Effortlessly access and modify data

Wavyr gives you the flexibility to use SQL, Python, or JavaScript to write custom queries and easily access and modify data from external sources.  


Quickly and easily import data from external sources with our user-friendly data importation tools.


Transform your data into meaningful insights with our powerful data transformation capabilities.


Effortlessly export your data to a variety of formats with our user-friendly data exportation tools.

Experience a new take on development

Wavyr Black replaces unreliable freelancers and expensive agencies for one flat monthly fee. Let us build your internal tools so fast that it will blow your mind. Starting from just $4,995/m.

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Totaly async

Don’t like meetings? We don’t either. Which is why we got rid of them.

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